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Now the frame repairs have been done and the seat runners are inplace it’s time for the main panels, once all together the sides will need some work to smooth them out but more of that later. Note the supports for the rear seats, needless to say a seat was tried in place to get the correct position, gotta dry fit everything. Hey starts to look like something, not sure what though.

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  1. Hi ,
    My name is Grahame i live in northern NSW Australia a town called Bellingen.
    I am hoping you can give me some advice on the best way to refit the side panels to my kr200 .i have new floor ,firewall and sides to spot weld back in position.Where the side panels attach to to tubular top frame do you pre curve the top of the side panel or do you heat and wrap it around after it is spot welded to tube? any good hints for reassembling the 3 panels in place would be greatly appreciated,( and any pic’s of doing it )
    Grahame Maddeford
    Bellingen Australia

    1. Hi Graham

      Sorry just seen this comment, you don’t need to heat the side panel where it wraps over the tube, just dress it over a little at a time.

      They are spot welded on but I plug weld them first and go along with the spot welder after, belt and braces.

      As for the rest of the bits, lots of clamps, I plug weld the floor to the side where the spot welder wont reach, lots of self tapping screws to hold it together while welding. The floor will need a little trim along the edge as the side are not straight and do have a sweep on them.

      Hope that’s of help.

      All the best


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